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Digital Agency Group is a group of digital agencies creating new ways for advertisers to master the ever-changing digital advertising market.
In our office in Amsterdam we focus on global digital developments and add relevance to our portfolio with specialized agencies. Our growth strategy is based on connecting high quality media- and creation services to our partners and deliver utmost results in digital campaign management. Besides evaluating business cases based on merger and acquisition, we are always interested in investing in startup initiatives.

The online company

The online company is a full service digital media agency. Leading in media and design, with a focus on optimization and technique. The online company has an enthusiastic and results-driven campaign team with experienced digital media strategists and campaign managers, automated trading experts and affiliate marketers. They also have an extensive in-house design department with all disciplines and expertise needed to develop and produce effective means for a digital campaign.

Qban online communicatie

The focus of Qban is online strategy, concept and design. They design banners, rich media communications, newsletters and websites. They are also responsible for the development and creation of social media campaigns, interactive video and mobile applications. They handle the entire process from design to realization with the (sales) goals of the customer in mind.

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RLVNT is an innovative digital marketing communication agency. With a driven team of strategists , creatives and media specialists RLVNT creates and develops effective online marketing communication strategies, based on behavioral and motivational data.

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In Digital media, one thing is constant: it's changing fast. Technologies change, brands change, business models change, but most important; consumers change. With consumers using more and more digital content over different devices, media consumption has radically changed over the last 10 years. Advertisers are faced with an increasingly complex and competitive playing field to reach these consumers and make an impact that creates the difference. At ClickDistrict we power brands to maximize their digital media spend.